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We started our business in rug making in the year 2000. Having a Eureka moment whilst being heavily pregnant with her first child – Barjis Chohan wanted to create rugs as a piece of Art. She started painting during her pregnancy as a hobby not knowing that her art work will be transformed into Rugs! After the delivery of her beautiful daughter Malaaikah ( who is now 18), Barjis started researching on rug suppliers. Turned down by several rug manufacturers who thought she was crazy to produce grading at this level in her work. She eventually  found suppliers who could produce her paintings into rugs and since then she has never looked back.


This photo was taken a few weeks after the delivery of her 2nd child Inayah in 2002.


First press coverage in Timeout showing our first painting called ‘life’ -which was then produced as a rug. There is a clear connection of Barjis’s pregnancy with this painting. The white squiggle represents the umbilicol cord and it was one of our most popular rug.

“I was not privileged to continue Art as a profession and not patient enough to wait for my Art to be famous after I die. The only way of coming close to Art were rugs. Not for the museum but functional rugs. The true Entrepreneur in me saw this as an opportunity – aesthetically beautiful yet commercially successful. This has always been the ethos of Barjis: whether its clothing, scarves, cushions or our rugs” – Barjis Chohan, CEO, Barjis London.


Barjis is pioneer in introducing grading in rug making. The business has won ‘Designer in International Trade’ – awarded by the Mail on Sunday. ‘Business of the year’ by Shell live wire, ‘The Most Internationally Aware Entrepreneur in the UK’ – Shell livewire and the UK Trade and Investment awarded her ‘First Runner up in Female Owned Business of the Year’.


“Absolutely beautiful rugs” – Evening Standard.


“Hopelessly modern works of functional art”- Timeout


“Barjis has harnessed her brilliant creative talents and combined them with solid commercial nous.Without doubt she will succeed” – Financial Mail on Sunday.


In the 17 years in the rug making business- Barjis has under taken numerous National and International projects these include:

Hotel Cayre, Paris

Hotel George, London

Emirates Towers, Dubai

RockwellGroup, New York

St. James Group, London

AJC Designs, London and many more…

and an impressive list of private residential projects around the world.

All the rugs are handmade in 100% wool, the rugs can be made in any size, shape and colour. We work closely with Interior Designers, architects and private clients to produce custom made rugs and wall hangings for residential and commercial projects.