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Barjis has created a line of signature scarves that epitomize her distinctive brand of luxury fashion. Working together with her talented team of artists and designers, Barjis Chohan personally designs, or oversees the design of, these chic fashion accessories to ensure each one represents her unique design aesthetic, and is of the highest quality.
As with many pieces of art, inspiration for many of the designs and motifs on Barjis’s scarves come from different sources.
As world travelers, Barjis and her team have visited some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. The flora and fauna indigenous to these gorgeous locales have ignited the imagination of Barjis and her team, providing limitless inspiration for dynamically-colorful palettes and exotic floral designs.
Another muse for Barjis and her creative team is architecture. Elements from some of the world’s most interesting and unique structures can be seen in many Barjis original scarf designs. Looking closely, you’ll see traces of the textures, lines, and patterns that are present in architecture around the globe.
Multi-cultural themes are part of what makes the Barjis brand so compelling and fashion-forward. In her WW2 collection of scarves, the history and significance of world events is represented in a purposefully minimalistic and subtle design concept. The backgrounds and over-all color scheme is faded to reflect history, while the floral patterns represent positivity and hope.
All designs for scarves are hand-painted in the Barjis London studio, and then silkscreened onto either 100% silk, or cotton with a silk blend. Barjis scarves are large enough to be worn around the shoulders, waist, and even as a headwrap.

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