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Barjis Custom made rugs are produced of high quality 100% New Zealand wool – all handmade to our clients requirements. We have been serving the Interiors and hospitality industry for over 17 years and the biggest satisfaction we have received till date is that a client wants to gift our rug as part of his will to his family. He says he has had it for over 10 years and it is still in pristine condition. He wanted to ask if we have a plate or quality certification to add to his rug!


Tones of different colours are used to create a grading and brushstroke effect.


Quality,craftsmanship and working ethically is very important to us. We pride in delivering a first class service and a guarantee of excellence in the quality and who produces the rugs. Our rugs are produced in South Asia but every supplier is vetted and visited to ensure that all our work is produced ethically and every worker is respected and paid well.


A sample spec sheet for an Interior Designer working on lobby area of Hotel George.












If you are an Interior Designer, Architect or a private client looking for a rug to uplift your interior then talk to us to produce a custom made rug or wall  hanging for your interior space.


This is not a photoshop image – its a real rug for a client in South London.


Hotel Cayre, Paris








Private client, Dubai











Nothing is impossible at the Barjis Studio we really believe in bringing your ideas to reality by challenging the norm. We were the first rug studio to introduce grading in the rugs which replicates a piece of art As you can see our work has fine craftsmanship which requires months of labour to produce something specirug1al for your interior.



50th Floor of Emirates Towers in Dubai.


Private client



Printed leather inserts in our rugs!

FullSizeRender (2)


High quality 100% New Zealand wool is used in our rugs.

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