What to Consider Before Buying a Rug Online or Instore
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What to Consider Before Buying a Rug Online or Instore

Blue - handtufted rug

What to Consider Before Buying a Rug Online or Instore

When you are considering Buying Rugs Online or from a rug shop, chances are you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the choices, rugs come in many sizes, colours with many different types of fibers plus the different ways they are made, these are some of the things you need to consider prior to purchasing your floor rugs.


Did you know that there is a significant difference between the fibers of rugs made from natural fibers in comparison to those made of synthetic materials and sizes available to choose from?

Once you have determined where you are going to place your floor rug (under pool table or dining table, next to couch or maybe an outdoor rug in the patio) consider the following:

  1. What Size Area Rug to Buy? Will a Large floor Rug fit?
  2. Oriental Rugs or Modern Rugs? Maybe Shaggy Rugs
  3. Red Carpet Rug or Brown Shag Rug! What Should I buy? Hmm??
  4. Modern Floor Rugs and Oriental Design Rugs in the Same Area, what Suits?
  5. Area Rug Quality; what suits and will it Perform well?
  6. Cheap Rugs or quality Rugs for on top of my Carpet? What type of Rug for my Floor
  7. Is it an easy to clean floor Rug or Hard to Clean Floor Rug?

Once you have decided where to buy area rugs from, remember to bring along your measurements and any of these items (of course it depends on where the area rug is to be placed); a cushion from your lounge, a tile or sample of the carpet or piece of vinyl or just a sample of colour you are trying to match.

Blue Rug

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All the rugs are handmade in 100% wool; the rugs can be made in any size, shape and colour. We work closely with Interior Designers, architects and private clients to produce custom made rugs and wall hangings for residential and commercial projects.