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Barjis Philosophy

Barjis London is a Designer lifestyle brand with a great philosophy.We believe in integrity, ethically made products and products that are of the highest quality. Whether it’s our stylish modest clothing, award winning hand made rugs, our luxurious silk scarves or our vibrant cushions.


We do not compromise and are not afraid of being different. We never follow the crowd and strongly  believe  in letting the product speak for itself. We invest in our materials, quality and craftsmanship. We are defined by our quality and design and not by how many followers we have on social media. We have loyal customers around the world- who put 100% trust in our brand, our products and our philosophy.


“Our philosophy is to love yourself, love others and love your life”- Barjis Chohan, CEO, Barjis London and The Barjis Initiative.


This philosophy encompasses:


Multi culturism – a burst of culture, fusing Eastern and western sensibilities.

Ethical Practice –  Fair wage, equal opportunities to all and , using using eco – friendly materials.

Making you feel beautiful – It’s how you feel not just what you wear.

Affordable luxury – At a price  point that makes luxury accessible.

Modesty – starting from within – how the Barjis woman carries herself is equally as important than what she wears. 100% class dictates.

Quality – We never compromise in quality.

Integrity – Our customers trust us and come back for more.

Innovation: Creating special designs that become a part of you and your legacy.

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