Handmade Persian antique rugs with a modern over dye.
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Barjis: One off limited edition Persian Rugs


Barjis: One off limited edition Persian Rugs

We are proud to announce our collaboration with a veteran Persian antique rug maker to offer our customers an exclusive collection of vintage over dyed rugs.

Barjis London design aesthetics and reputation for luxurious quality will make its mark in the Persian handknotted rug market. We have been producing handtufted rugs for 17 years but its the first time  we are adding our design aesthetics to vintage one off rugs. Our contribution is in the choice of rugs and colours used to transform these special rugs for the modern interior without losing the character and beauty of the original master piece.

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In recent years, a new trend emerged in the rug industry in which vintage and antique rugs are over dying.This is a technique that traditionally performed on vintage handwoven wool rugs, by which the original color is removed to undergo a gentle dyeing process and then a single vibrant color is added, insofar as the initial patterns don’t completely fade, Over dying allows us to save beautiful antique rugs that may be worn and restore them to a new found glory! In recent years, over dyed rugs have found a special place in modern interior design.



You can buy these beautiful one off pieces from our website. Each design has it’s own history and story and will be one of a kind. You can have the piece of mind that only  natural dyes have been used and all the colours have been selected by  Barjis London; to offer an exclusive collection of one off pieces that will become a collectors item for your family. Our Barjis London stamp will be at the back of the rugs.

The rugs can be made in all sizes and we can produce bespoke colours on request.



Please note: The rugs are one off pieces, there will be slight variations in the designs – as these rugs are antique.